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Benefits of Building with Brick

Brick is today what it always has been, an authentic building material, made from the earth, for the earth.
Although many have tried to duplicate some of its remarkable qualities in design and construction,
no other material has equaled the unique blend of beauty and brawn in authentic fired clay brick.
Rediscover how brick smartly improves your life.

Natural Beauty

Maintains Beauty

Brick has amazing color selection. You can pick just the right brick, or beautiful blend of complementary shades,
in harmony with your region, because the clays are dug nearby. The color of brick is integral to the material, through and through
ensuring that it never fades. Punishing UV rays, strong wind, and inclement weather are no match for richness that lasts.
Architects and homeowners alike appreciate the unit-based nature of brick in designing imaginative and finely detailed structures.


Keeps You Comfortable

Brick efficienctly slows the transfer of summer heat to a home’s interior, which helps your air conditioning take a load off,
while holding on to that comfortable temperature in the winter. Enjoy your peace and quiet as brick’s mass helps dampen the transfer
of sound through the wall, keeping outdoor sounds out, or letting you rock out without disturbing the peace. Check out this brochure on the energy savings you can see with brick.

Lifetime Durability

Brick homes have lasted for centuries, so you know brick will outlast your mortgage. Brick buildings are often repurposed
over long life spans, across decades and centuries. Brick is formed from natural clays taken directly from the ground, molded, cut,
and fired in energy-efficient clean burning natural gas kilns.

Maintenance Free

Brick’s stable, integral color eliminates the regular cleaning, repainting and repairing that other materials require.
You can rest assured you have beautifully durable brick.


Unmatched Safety

Unlike lesser building materials, brick withstands fire, wind and high impact. See for yourself.
Brick even has a one-hour fire resistance rating.

Reduced Insurance & Higher Resale Value

Homes appraise higher, foot for foot, from day one and increase in value as years go by when finished in brick,
compared to lesser siding. Brick’s fire, wind, and water resistance, and overall durability, can deliver 6% to 10%
savings on homeowner’s or building insurance rates.